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Men in Black




     This site is dedicated to ALL persons (men and women) that wear the color Black every day of their life. You know who you are…

     At this point we have a forum for each of your groups. don’t be surprised if we already have it set up, if not, just ask and give a reason and I will put it up. If you start it, you must moderate it and control access to it. I have an active      TS SCI clearance and don’t really want to know anything more than I already do ,

     My moderation will consist of keeping it real and keeping the offenses down to a low roar so that our members are not so offended they do not return. I am retired government and am now an independent contractor. I have worked at one time or another in some way with pretty  much every agency in the world. Nothing anyone could say to me would surprise or impress  me; so don’t waist your time. I can and have kept a secret/secrets so don’t ask.

*** If you can not currently see a link on the top right of your screen  with all the forums, your not a member YET, just ask, no fees just some sort of way of convincing me you need access to the group/forum. If you can’t convince me, you wont have access sorry.. Comments are also not visible to non members only this first page…. ***

If you build it, they will come, is what i was told…

Well, here it is… Once you are a member you will see the rest of the site, please fill in form below for membership request, or information requests. ALL Comments on these open pages are moderated… This is a free site ( no fees)



*** For membership access or to create a forum for your group unit etc if you don’t see it once your a member, please email frank@meninblack.us and or fill in the form and submit it…

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